What happens after I receive my first commission?

After a user commissions you to draw them, you will receive an email and a notification informing you of your new commission.

In commission control under the 'Commissions' tab, you will see your new commission. Your commissions are listed in the order that they were purchased and must be completed in that order.

Next to the commission, you'll seen an 'Accept' and a 'Decline' button.

If you accept the commission, the commission's status will change from 'Queued' to 'In Progress' to inform the user who purchased it that you've begun drawing it.

If you decline the commission, you will be asked to provide a reason why you're declining the commission that will be displayed to the user who purchased it and the commission will be refunded. There is no penalty for declining a commission.

You have 30 days from the time that the commission was purchased to complete it. If you do not complete the commission, it will be automatically refunded.

When you complete a commission, the user receives the commissioned drawing like any other drawing an it is marked with a green commission triangle to distinguish it from other drawings.

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