Can I use images I didn’t create, or incorporate other people’s art into my drawings?

The images you upload into French Girls must be your own original works (or works someone else has given you the right to use and post on French Girls).  You may also draw pictures for the models who uploaded them (because they said you can, by agreeing to the language in the Terms of Use that states, "Do I have to grant any licenses to French Girls or to other users?").  But, you can't upload images you don't own or otherwise have the right to upload.  You also likely can't incorporate other people’s works into your drawings (for example, you probably can't draw Mickey Mouse into a drawing) because it may be a violation of copyright and/or trademark laws to do so.  There are certain limited exceptions to this set forth in the law, but we're not able to make a legal call for you, should you not be sure. This certainly doesn’t explain all of copyright and trademark law, but if you want to know more about how it works, the internet is a vast resource.

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