How are Procreate drawings different than French Girls drawings?

French Girls will continue to improve its support for Procreate drawings with every release, but there are a few key areas where Procreate drawings are different than French Girls drawings.


Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of width to height. An image that is 2048 x 2732px (2048px in width and 2732px in height) has an aspect ratio of 0.75 (2048/2732). Similarly, an image that is 320 x 427px also has an aspect ratio of 0.75 (3:4), even though it is more than six times smaller.

French Girls drawings always have an aspect ratio of 0.75 (3:4) because you cannot change the canvas size. With Procreate for iPad, you can have a custom canvas size. Procreate Pocket for iPhone uses the screen size of the device to create a canvas.

A Procreate drawing that is not in the French Girls 3:4 aspect ratio.



Procreate drawings are "raster" images, like a JPG or a PNG, meaning that the image is composed of colored pixels. These images will not lose quality when shrunk, but will if they are stretched. It is very important to use a very high resolution when starting your Procreate drawing. The resolution that you choose when you start drawing determines the quality of the final image and the maximum printable size. We recommend creating a Procreate drawing that is at least 2048 x 2732px.

French Girls drawings are "vector" images, like an SVG or an EPS, meaning that the image is composed of mathematical formulas represented by coordinate paths. These images will not lose quality when shrunk or stretched making them ideal for printing. However, these images require additional processing to create raster images, like JPG or PNG. Additionally, more advanced illustration tools like custom brushes, blurring, sharpening, transformations, and layers, while not impossible, prove to be a significant technical barrier.


A Procreate drawing (left) and a French Girls drawing (right).


Procreate Drawings in French Girls

Because Procreate drawings are not created in French Girls, they aren't fully compatible with all of our features. We will continue to improve our support with every release.

Procreate drawings will be indicated with a badge in any French Girls feed to inform the viewer that these drawings were created in Procreate and not in French Girls.

Procreate drawings in French Girls will have video replays. Procreate drawings contain their own replays and we've worked extra hard to make their videos compatible with French Girls.

Procreate drawings can be ordered as prints in a maximum size of 16"x20". We will improve our integration over time and this restriction will eventually be removed.


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