How do I allow Procreate to share to French Girls?

The first time you share a drawing from Procreate to French Girls, you need to enable French Girls as a sharing option. After completing these steps, the next time you share a drawing, French Girls will already be available.


Share a Procreate drawing.

In Procreate Pocket for iPhone, tap the Gear icon in the top left of the screen. Then, tap the drawing you wish to share, and then tap the Share icon in the bottom left of the screen. Finally, choose the Procreate format.

In Procreate for iPad, tap the drawing you wish to share, tap the Wrench icon in the top toolbar, tap the Share icon, and then tap Share artwork. Finally, choose the pro format.



Enable French Girls as an option.

The iOS Share Sheet lists possible activities that you can take based on the file format. To enable French Girls as a sharing option, scroll to the end of the middle row and then tap the More icon. Find French Girls in this list and toggle it on.


Sharing to French Girls is enabled.

Simply tap the French Girls icon to share your Procreate drawing to French Girls.


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